A Guide to Living in Beijing

The best way for your family to adapt to life in Beijing is to explore and learn. There are countless places waiting to be discovered, experiences waiting to be enjoyed, and lifelong friendships waiting to be formed. With this guide in hand, you and your family will have a much smoother transition.

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Planning a move to a completely different continent, country, or city is exciting and full of many unknowns. Even though a move to Beijing can offer unparalleled opportunities such as a higher salary or better position, the change comes with the stresses of transitioning into a new country, culture, job, and school. The International School of Beijing has created a guide that will help you not just survive but thrive, as you adjust your family to a new life in Beijing.

This guide was created with you and your family in mind. The content within the guide is compiled using the experiences and concerns of ISB's local community.

  • Finding the best home for your family
  • Setting up your banking and credit cards
  • Where to eat, drink, and play
  • Where to go for family-friendly activities
  • How to adjust to the local language and culture

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