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Welcome to the International School of Beijing

ISB is a school where academic excellence meets a nurturing, joyful environment.

Since 1980, ISB has been at the forefront of international education in Beijing, offering a comprehensive curriculum focused on the holistic development of each student. Our community, a diverse blend of expatriates and local families alike, embraces a blend of cultures, fostering a global mindset and a deep-seated passion for learning. ISB is not just a pathway to top universities worldwide - though our matriculation record is astounding! - but a place where future leaders, innovators, and creative minds are shaped. Explore the unique educational experience offered at ISB!


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ISB maintains a reputation for academic excellence as we explore innovative models of teaching and learning. Our talented and passionate educators from across the globe engage students in their learning through a variety of teaching models.

Early Years

The Early Years program is a nurturing and explorative experience for our youngest learners. Emphasizing play-based learning where children engage in activities that enhance their cognitive, emotional, and physical development, the curriculum is designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, offering a solid foundation for lifelong learning. The program also integrates technology and outdoor learning, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Elementary School

The Elementary School focuses on nurturing inquiry and a love of learning in students. It provides a student-centered, collaborative learning environment that emphasizes inquiry-based learning. The curriculum encourages critical thinking and creativity while also supporting social and emotional growth. This comprehensive approach prepares students for a successful transition to Middle School and beyond. 

Middle School

Our program emphasizes holistic education, focusing on the intellectual, social, and emotional development of students. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenges of High School, building upon skills learned in earlier years that inspire their creative and curious minds. There is also a strong emphasis on personal growth and global awareness, ensuring students develop the skills and mindset necessary for success in a rapidly changing world.


High School

The High School at ISB provides a comprehensive and challenging academic program designed to prepare students for success in university and beyond. The curriculum includes a wide range of courses, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and global awareness. Students study the IB Diploma Programme or construct a personalized program from a combination of International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, ISB courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and online courses around their interests and talents. 

Can You Hear It? Dragon Spirit!

At ISB, "Dragon Spirit" encapsulates the essence of our school community. Dragon Spirit reflects the energy, enthusiasm, and courage that ISB students embody. This spirit is not just about school pride; it's a commitment to personal excellence, cultural understanding, and mutual respect. It manifests in every aspect of school life, from academics to co-curricular activities, encouraging students to embrace challenges, celebrate diversity, and foster a sense of belonging and achievement. Dragon Spirit truly defines the vibrant and dynamic character of the ISB community.

"When we say, once a dragon, always a dragon, I truly believe that. I love that we embrace our alumni. ISB is a community where even when you leave these halls, you are still protected; ISB is still with you, and the same goes for the parents, too. Some students have been with us since they were three years old; that’s 15 years of them at ISB. We don’t want them to feel like they're not part of our community anymore. No matter how long or short a time period you’re at ISB, we want you to always feel connected and welcome here."

DANA LATTANZIO, PTA President and mother of three

"Dragon Spirit means being a person who is really committed to you fiercely in a dragon way, committed to your community. That would mean supporting others within your community, being aware of the needs and preferences of others, and trying to make space for everyone to feel really valued, seen, and affirmed in our space. I think of Dragon Spirit also in terms of that fierce commitment to community means just really caring about this place and its people, but even at the level of cleaning up and making sure that you're honoring the space and the people who occupy it and the people who care for it, that idea that we treat our environment well and we treat the people in it well, and we try to contribute to making it a great place for everyone to be."

CAROLYN MICHAEL, Director of Learning

"Dragon Spirit means that you are a part of something that is much bigger than you are. You are a member of a team that educates, cares, supports, listens, cheers, and inspires each community member to be their very best and to live out the mission of our school. I am proud to work at ISB and I am filled with Dragon Spirit!"

DANIEL CHANEY, Elementary School Counselor

"Dragon spirit is having compassion, thinking how your words and actions would have an impact on others. Having empathy for other people's experiences and cultures and adapting to include them rather than exclude them."

KATHLYN PAANANEN, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

"Dragon Spirit means getting in and helping our students. It's about allowing them to be kids and allow them opportunities so that they can explore their surroundings and explore what they might want to do, and to be seen."

WAYNE KING, Service and Experiential Learning Coordinator

"'Once a dragon, always a dragon' beautifully captures the enduring sense of belonging and loyalty within the ISB community. It reflects the strong bonds formed through shared experiences and a commitment to standing by each other through all circumstances."


"The ISB mission specifically mentions “the freedom to explore”, as ISB gives students opportunities of different courses, subjects, and activities. It is important to develop some other interests and hobbies regardless of academics, and ISB has given students the chance to do so."

ANDREW G, Grade 9 Student

“Embrace the ISB community wholeheartedly, and you'll uncover new discoveries and inspirations every day, even after working here for over nine years. Each year brings a sense of freshness and joy with new ideas, collective efforts, and evolving relationships. There's always active participation and engagement. Everyone contributes to the rich history of the ISB community, and I encourage you to connect the dots and craft your own unique ISB story as you explore and become a part of our vibrant community.”

ANN LI, Community Relations Coordinator

"Dragon spirit refers to the passion that I feel when I represent ISB in a game of Touch or Football. Dragon spirit refers to the joy I feel when taking part in traditions like Senior Assassin this year."

ALEX D, Grade 12 Student

"At the Grade One-Led Assembly, it was a joy to see her perform a play with her classmates. She had so much fun reading her lines, performing her songs, and dancing. She also had an opportunity to research Great White Sharks and gave the audience exciting facts."

ELISE ZHENG, PTA Member and Parent

“ISB has contributed to my willingness to try new things. Because of all the different things we can join, I started trying out everything that seemed interesting, not being afraid of failure. I'm so very thankful as it has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and helped me realize my strengths and the endless possibilities along with it.”

MIKA K, Grade 9 Student

“To me, Dragon Spirit means community and sharing memories. It is the loud roaring echoing through the gym during a basketball game, and it is the silent but strong support of friends and staff. It is not being afraid to stand out, take chances, and shine because you know there are people who have your back, and it is embracing failure because it is okay to make mistakes. It is understanding that big things are made of little things and that the beauty is in taking the time to appreciate the journey because it is just as important as the destination.”

EILEEN G, Grade 9 Student

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40+ Years

ISB is the first international school in Beijing



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Macbook laptop program

Family-Father--Streamline-Streamline--3.0 copy 1


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Faculty with advanced degrees



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