Redefining Academic Rigor: Understanding ISB's Approach to Learning

Discover how ISB has redefined academic rigor to create an educational experience that prepares students to succeed in college, their careers, and in life.

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This eBook contains all the information you need to understand the ISB curriculum, how we define academic rigor, and most importantly, how your children are prepared for success in college and in life.

In a traditional school environment, rigor is defined as pushing students to their intellectual limits; academics that are exhaustive, demanding, and difficult, a curriculum that ultimately leads to stressed-out students. At ISB, we’re moving away from the traditional understanding of rigor and redefining it to be embraced rather than feared by our student body.

In our High School, we nurture the talents of our students and help them develop their skills through authentic, real-world learning experiences that ensure they are engaged members of society - both during their time at ISB and when they graduate.

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Incorporate real-world context
into our curriculum

One of the most important aspects of education and in the real world is choice – in how, and in what we learn.

Through the International Baccalaureate (IB), forward-thinking curriculum and co-curricular activities, students not only have choice in their learning, but also the opportunity – and freedom - to explore their interests and connect with the world around them.

Focus on
cognitive complexity

At ISB, we focus on complexity in our curriculum as it inspires our students to actually enjoy learning; it helps them learn and understand rather than memorize.

Students are given problems where they are asked to remember, understand, and apply their knowledge, as well as learn what formulas they should use in order to solve the equation.

Service learning

In addition to academics and co-curricular activities, we also encourage our students to get involved in the community.

Through service projects and community groups, students get to pursue their interests and develop real-life skills through learning that utilizes different academic subjects.

Instill 21st century

The 21st century is one of change and ambiguity, and we continuously review our curriculum, approaches to learning, and facilities to ensure they help develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and productivity.

These are the skills necessary to thrive in today's world.

What our students and parents say about an ISB education


"ISB laid an exceptional academic foundation"

"Our daughters attended ISB from Kindergarten to grades 6 and 9 (years 7 and 10). [Upon returning to the UK] the girls were both well ahead of their peers in all subjects, and have continued to excel academically. We believe that is because of the excellent educational foundation laid down throughout their years at ISB.

Thank you again for the quality of education you provided for our daughters, and for preparing them so well for their return to England."

Christian Murphy, London, UK


"We are very well prepared for university"

"At ISB, we’re never asked to just write well or present well, we’re really tested to see if we understand what we’re saying and the reasoning behind why we chose what we chose.

There is a layer of depth in our learning.

When ISB students are put in a situation to speak on their learning, we’re able to do it in a mature way, we’re very well prepared for university."

Hiro W., ISB Student


"Best college prep!"

"Flat out the best college prep I could have ever imagined.

While my new friends and classmates were struggling through the first few weeks and months of engineering at a top university, I felt right at home with the challenge of the IB Programme.

I’m also thankful for the CAS program that pushed me to explore new things and encouraged me to live a more balanced lifestyle."

Christopher Nobre, Class of 2011

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